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Man Riding on a Hot Air BaloonRelationships will eventually run out of gas because feelings change over time. One needs to work on it and keep the connection alive through the little and everyday things they do. Quality time is more important than the number of dates or experiences you share.

Quality Time Over Quantity Time

At some point you will start feeling bored or disconnected with your significant other. It may be the routine and monotony you created around your relationship or the lack of communication, but once you disconnect from each other, there is a tendency to start drifting apart. For some people, this happens instantly; some disengage later on in the relationship. It does not matter if you frequently go on dates; you may be physically present, but mentally absent when you go out.

Quality time does not have to be extravagant or in some far flung place. You just have to stay connected with your loved one; it can be as simple as going to a nearby park or a romantic dinner at home. Go ballooning to get a different perspective of a place you have been to before and share a majestic view of a landscape with your lover. Share experiences with each other rather than give expensive gifts.

Experiences give you something to remember, the planning, the places you visit in your favourite country or the crazy things you did on your anniversary. These will strengthen your connection and provide you with a foundation to build your relationship and make it last.

Experience Beyond Ballooning

If you want to experience breathtaking views and the thrill of being above the clouds, Beyond Ballooning provides you with the ultimate adventure. We add a twist to your adventure in the skies by integrating marvellous landscapes, laughter of loved ones and a hot air balloon.

Experience a sunrise as you ride over Hunter Valley with your significant other, friends or family. Our balloons can carry 2 to 16 passengers on your one hour flight. The length of your trip gives you an opportunity to enjoy nature and good company.

Contact us to learn more about the hot air ballooning packages we offer.